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Welded Raw Steel & No Climb Fence

Built onsite to be 100% customized to your terrain and project needs with great budget friendly costs.

Welded Raw Steel and No Climb Fence

All 2 3/8” OD Schd 10 Raw Steel rails welded to posts set in concrete every 10LF. This fence style comes from a long history of being installed on ranches and has become an up-and-coming style for yards in all housing areas. They have a rustic beauty that blends in well with the area and the strength to last a lifetime. Built onsite to be 100% customized to your terrain and project needs with a budget-friendly cost.

This fence can be built in many different configurations. One to five rails, 4ftH to 6ftH, and with or without No Climb Fence Wire or Field Fence Wire. They are tailored to meet your individual needs. We can trench to bury the wire a bit to help prevent your animals from digging out or predators from digging in.

This fence style can also be built strong enough to handle gates of any size and type.

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